Document Management Solutions

Enable digital operations at your property today. Eliminate the file cabinet and enhance your overall productivity and information security with advanced solutions for document management.

On-line Leasing

Enhance the resident leasing experience with the first completely on-line digital leasing service. Allow residents to complete applications on-line and leasing agents to execute complete lease packages with one-click. Gain access to a built-in nationwide library of lease forms and addenda for all 50 states and DC that are reviewed by a team of legal experts for lease compliance.

Multifamily DocEx

Gain access to SyndicIT's suite of industry-leading multifamily partners to easily exchange confidential data to service providers and business partners throughout the industry. Enjoy access to a single system that can support third-party secure document and information sharing established as an industry standard.

Virtual Property Assistant

The Virtual Property Assistant (VPA) is a customized HP multifunction printer built for property management operations. Customize your VPA with workflow icons to accelerate common workflows. Simply identify the document: lease, invoice, HR, legal, contract, and the VPA will automatically process the document and notify appropriate parties of work to be completed.

Multifamily PRINTSAVER and Managed Print

Reducing your print and printing equipment operating costs and paper usage is an often overlooked opportunity and as experience teaches is a major dimension of any ‘paperless’ strategy. Your business runs on paper. We understand that. Major gains can be made and significant expense reductions can be captured with Multifamily PRINTSAVER designed to meet the needs of the multifamily industry.

Strategic Planning Services

Through our partnership with Elaine Williams Consulting, design strategic plans for your management company that leverage new ideas, technology, implementation processes, and operating efficiencies that move your business forward.

Lease File Management

Eliminate the file cabinets at your property with digital document management services. Filing is "drag and drop" simple and integration to existing systems is made possible. Save time and money with centralized access to all your lease files. Easily share information and perform compliance audits with the click of a button!

Contract Management

Operate more efficiently with a system designed for automated contract management. Get notified when your property or portfolio contracts are about to expire with custom alerts. Create a mobile dashboard to see analytics on contract terms to empower yourself to negotiate the best terms. Easily access contracts and set up workflows for review and approval.

Human Resources

Automate the on-boarding process with instant document capture and filing. Easily configure compliance audits on employee records. Utilize workflow automation for new hire management and job posting reviews. Get a solution to manage employee files throughout their entire employment life-cycle.

A/P Invoice Processing

Managing the collection and timely payment of invoices across multiple locations can prove to be a challenge for many companies.Utilize existing scanners or capture and route technologies to easily centralize the access to pending invoices. Ensure timely payment with automated approval workflows that mirror your existing business practices. Enjoy a full audit trail and visibility into workflow status.

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Transform your property operations with the next era of IT for property automation. Watch to learn how SyndicIT offers a complete life-cycle solution with a strategy to enable properties to be more productive, more mobile, more secure. Ensure optimal performance with reduced asset risk, reduced costs, and standardized digital processes that result in daily insight into every aspect of your buildings, staff, and residents.


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