Document Management and Workflow Automation

Enable digital operations at your property today. Eliminate the file cabinet and enhance your overall productivity and information security with advanced solutions for document management. Gain improved efficiency with automated workflows for any department or document process.

On-line Leasing

Enhance the resident leasing experience with the first completely on-line digital leasing service. Allow residents to complete applications on-line and leasing agents to execute complete lease packages with one-click. Gain access to a built-in nationwide library of lease forms and addenda for all 50 states and DC that are reviewed by a team of legal experts for lease compliance.

Big Data

Understand what you needed to know yesterday and what you should know about tomorrow for successful property management decisions. Understand what you have already captured and add the influx of what your multiple existing systems deliver daily. Manage awareness and alarms around your property's key performance indicators. Monitor unstructured data collected from resident portals, websites, and social media to revolutionize the way your portfolio is managed.

Mobile Print / MFPs

Enjoy a complete life-cycle solution for paperless operations using existing equipment or state-of-the-art MFP devices. Mobile printing and secure document sharing can be done right from your Smartphone or tablet.

Cloud Hosting and Managed Print Services

Save your IT staff valuable time and reduce capital expenses on hardware. Cloud hosting means cost savings, enhanced scalability, improved redundancy, and ease of deployments. Managed Print Services can reduce your overall printing costs by 30% and dramatically improve fleet security.

Multifamily DocEx

Gain access to SyndicIT's suite of industry-leading multifamily partners to easily exchange confidential data to service providers and business partners throughout the industry. Enjoy access to a single system that can support third-party secure document and information sharing established as an industry standard.

NEW! 2014 Solution Guide for Digital Property Operations

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Go Digital at the Core

Transform your property operations with the next era of IT for property automation. Watch to learn how SyndicIT offers a complete life-cycle solution with a strategy to enable properties to be more productive, more mobile, more secure. Ensure optimal performance with reduced asset risk, reduced costs, and standardized digital processes that result in daily insight into every aspect of your buildings, staff, and residents.


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The Virtual Property Assistant

Use the VPA to easily centralize your property and resident lease files securely in a cloud-based document management repository. Enhance information security, get mobile anytime, anywhere access, and enjoy a complete ‘life-cycle’ solution for paperless property operations.

Portfolio-Wide Managed Print Services

In partnership with HP, we can provide service, support, and supplies for all your print devices, eliminating the burden of printer/copier support across multiple property locations, while lowering the costs of internal printing. Start with a free fleet assessment today no matter the brands of your existing equipment!

Mobile Property Office

All of your property forms on one tablet! Using eForm technology, complete apartment condition checklists, property inspections, and other operational forms customized to meet your operational practices. Built-in workflows automate the entire process of review, acceptance, and task notifications. The mobile property office even works offline!

Property Equipment Portal

Easily order the IT equipment your properties and Corporate headquarters require with SyndicIT’s multifamily IT procurement portal. From laptops, PCs, tablets, printers, copiers, and scanners to servers and more, order the IT equipment you need on-demand!

IT Equipment Recycling Program

Responsibly dispose of and recycle unused IT equipment for cash! Ensure compliance with local recycling ordinances and ensure proper data destruction from the experts in responsible recycling at HP. Check out the portal today to see what value your old equipment has – and design a custom amenity offering for your residents.

On-Line Leasing

Enhance the resident leasing experience with a completely on-line digital leasing service. Allow residents to complete applications on-line and leasing agents to execute complete lease packages with one-click. Gain access to our nationwide library of leasing forms and addenda!

Document Management


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