Responsibly Recycle Property IT Equipment

Take advantage of this exciting new service for your internal IT equipment or as a resident amenity offering. Remove regulatory disposal risk. Trade in unused electronic equipment for cash! Or, donate proceeds to charity of your choice!

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Go Green!
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Estimates suggest that 80% of U.S. e-waste ends up in landfills, while globally 40 million tons winds up in dumps or is incinerated annually. According to PC Today, "only 10% of unwanted computers are properly recycled, and that more than 70% percent of discarded electronics are shipped overseas to developing countries with few, if any safety regulations. This includes e-waste that U.S. recyclers ship to countries where unprotected locals burn, tear apart, dump, and bury electronics. These processes expose workers, communities, wildlife, water resources, and crops to the hazardous materials the e-waste contains. Many estimates, for example, proclaim one computer contains as much as four pounds of lead." In particular, these types of service offer no protection around the destruction of data contained in unused equipment.

According to the National Electronics Recycling Infrastructure Clearinghouse (NECR), 25 states have laws concerning how e-waste should be handled. SyndicIT is pleased to partner with HP's global recycling program to offer a streamlined responsible e-waste recycling program that ensures proper data destruction and regulated disposal for your property IT equipment and for unused electronics from your residents. Best of all, trade in your unused equipment for cash!!