Secure, Mobile, On-line Leasing Service

The first completely on-line digital leasing service for secure application-to-lease processing with a built-in nationwide library of lease forms and addenda.

Manage Your Leasing Process with Ease

The next generation cloud-based electronic leasing service for multifamily, commercial, and single family resident leasing complete with forms library and automated lease preparation ability. LeaseIT provides property owners and operators a comprehensive library of professional quality lease forms and addendums, ability to customize leasing document content, and establish controlled use by state and designated property.

LeaseIT introduces the new age in digital operations, lease management and resident and client convenience with an integrated platform that enables operators to access and customize the lease content the way they want specially developed for on-line delivery and electronic signature.

With LeaseIT, meet the need for quality leasing documents, choice, lower cost, more flexible control, convenience, and enhanced flexibility over digital document access and use. Access a comprehensive national library of professional quality lease forms and addendum and manage your lease forms by state and location to the individual unit. Best of all, you enjoy complete control over the clauses and variables contained in your lease forms, customize forms to modify clauses and add data capture fields. Allow prospective tenants to enjoy a user friendly lease generation system that starts with the guest card and application form, then dynamically, automatically, generates a specific resident’s custom lease package for execution


Why Choose LeaseIT?

Leases are the life-blood of any multifamily company. It is the lease process that ensure you are profitable, so shouldn't it be the most advanced aspect of your operations? In today's world "9-5" office hours and "stop by to sign" just won't do.

With LeaseIT, your entire portfolio can easily manage its leasing documents, renewals, and quickly view applications submitted to the property. You gain complete control over the content of your lease forms. Plus, you can offer a 'tech savvy' leasing experience to your residents that begins with an on-line application that can be filled out anywhere, anytime, on any device. You also can assure your residents that you are protecting their personal information by not taking their confidential SSNs and employment history and leaving it scattered in paper in the leasing office. Then, you can ensure uplifted renewal rates with 'voice signatures' and a completely digital leasing experience.
Enjoy seamless integration with a nationwide library of lease forms and addenda powered by Helix Strategies - the leading expert in multifamily lease integrity for the enterprise and consumer.
  • Step 1: Set up your portfolio profile

  • Step 2: Configure your individual property profiles (address, manager name, size, etc.)

  • Step 3: Designate a lease package for each individual property or by state. Customize your lease documents to include the clauses and variables you want embedded.

  • Step 4: Allow prospects to apply for your properties on-line and submit their credit information directly to SyndicIT SmartMove - eliminating all landlord's risk.

  • Step 5: Once prospect is approved, execute your preferred lease package and automatically generate a completed lease package based on the applicant's submitted information.

  • Step 6: Email completed lease package to sign or sign over the phone and then securely store the lease in your document management system.

  • Lease with paperless ease!

For Your Property

Deploy LeaseIT at your property's leasing offices and have residents easily fill out applications with your property staff. Once the application is complete, you have the option to submit a request for a SmartMove credit check, and once complete, execute complete lease packages with one-click!

For Your Residents

LeaseIT is the most streamlined process for rental applications currently available. Allow your prospects to complete their application in their own time, from wherever they would like - even from smartphones! Also, LeaseIT protects future residents information with built-in services like TransUnion SmartMove and Secure Document Management so you can easily protect against the risk of information theft or loss.

Centralized Leasing/Lease Management

Get unmatched control over your leasing documents. With LeaseIT, easily centralize the lease preparation process for your entire portfolio. Documents and clauses can be customized at the property level, and you can even ensure certain variables like rent amounts and amenity fees are fixed leaving no room for negotiations. With centralized leasing, ensure your leases are compliant, securely stored, and easy to manage...finally!

Nationwide Library of Lease Forms

Enjoy access to a nationwide library of professional quality lease forms and addenda for all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia. These forms are designed to meet landlord's needs and regularly reviewed by a top team of leasing legal experts with vast experience in multifamily to ensure they are automatically updated to comply with the latest rules and regulations. Best of all, the forms are operationally consistent for multi-state portfolios and seamlessly integrated into LeaseIT, ensuring that large or small your lease packages have never been so in your control.