Frustrated with All the Paper?

Transition to paperless property operations and help your property save money, reduce risk, and improve staff performance with document workflow automation.


SyndicIT's Document Management Tools

We offer three services to meet the document management needs of any property. Whether you are seeking cloud-based, premise-based, or hybrid solutions, SyndiciT has the tools your property's require to make seamless digital operations a reality.

HP Flow CM

The easiest way to get your properties paperless today! An easy-to-use document management system with unparalleled mobile compatability, advanced OCR document search, and seamless plug-ins to enable a complete 'life cycle solution' for paperless operations and workflows. From on-boarding paper and electronic documents to sharing with external, 3rd parties - secure document management has never been easier!


An advanced document management system that can be customized to mirror your existing filing practices and works with existing IT infrastructure. This system enables 'line of business' application integration, including Property Management Systems, to allow for one-click filing and document retrieval. DocumenIT comes with "Syndi" a desktop avatar that enables 'drag and drop' document capture.

HP WorkSite

An industrial-grade content management system with limitless potential to automate any property process. This advanced on-premise system allows for robust document capture solutions, automated data indexing, advanced multifaceted organizational workflows, and connectivity into existing line-of-business applications.

Get paperless property operations today!

SyndicIT can enable your property to go paperless in minutes with HP Flow CM. SyndicIT will work with you to set up, customize, and build your worklows to enable a full life-cycle solution for document capture, sharing, printing, and increased information security.

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Document Management for Property Operations

Multihousing operations are awash in a document storm. The inability to manage the flood of paper and electronic documents coming into your leasing offices everyday, are creating an environment that is difficult to manage, highly insecure, consumes productivity, and results in an lack of real-time insight into your operations. Once you transition to digital property operations with document management, your property will be able to automate common document-processes, like lease approvals and budget preparation, with automated workflows that streamline the processes throughout your entire portfolio, help identify bottlenecks, and easily monitor 'work in progress' so you can achieve real-time insight into your operations.

Key Features

Document management systems offer your property the ability to gain the many benefits of:

Document Repository

A place to store documents, both electronic and paper-based, securely. The repository can mirror existing file practices so that your property staff can quickly and easily store and retrieve documents.

Scanning & Capture

Paper documents can be scanned using existing equipment and routed into workflows. In addition, you can deploy state of the art capture devices that enable 'one click' storage of documents. Our solutions also include tools for 'mobile capture' of documents. In addition, electronic documents can be easily 'drag and dropped' or 'synced' automatically into your property's document repository.

Secure Access

Only allow those who you want to access certain documents the ability to do so. Permissions can be set up for individuals, groups, or entire departments based on pre-configured settings. Protect your business information and ensure your documents are secure.


Easily retrieve the document or files you need within seconds. Quickly search from a PC, laptop, mobile device, or tablet and instantly find the document you are looking for! Then, print, share, email, or download to continue working with it. Revolutionary OCR search empowers you to search on any content stored in the document repository.


Get instant alerts to your email or built-in to-do box whenever someone adds new information to a monitored folder. Also, receive instant notifications that someone is assigning a workflow-task to you for processing, such as approving an invoice. Simply view the document, click approve, and your task is complete!

Audit Trail

Every action taken with a document inside your on-line repository is fully tracked and monitored. Get real-time insight into who is accessing your documents and when, including any actions they take when viewing a document. You have never been more in control of your information!

Get a Search Engine for Your Property

See how easy it is to quickly find the information you need about your residents, units, and properties with SyndicIT's digital document management solutions!

What are the biggest issues caused by paper-based processes?

1. Time spent re-keying data, searching for paper copies, and filing
2. Storage volume, outsource paper costs, cost of paper supplies
3. Inability to monitor workflow progress
4. "Lost" paperwork or lease files
5. Compliance and audit issues
6. Poor access to lease or process documents for leasing office staff
7. Inability to access work-related documents from home or on the road
8. Delays introduced by mail, shipping, and e-mail
9. Difficulty of re-allocating or re-locating workloads
10. Difficulty of version control.
11. Lack of disaster recovery

What are the benefits of paper-free operations?

1. Better records for audit trail or compliance
2. Improved access means faster customer response
3. Better monitoring of status and workloads
4. Your leasing staff can spend more time attracting and retaining residents
5. Fewer errors
6. Visibility/access to documents across entire portfolio
7. Better management of exceptions
8. Improved ability to distribute work evenly and work on mobile devices