A complete, life-cycle solution for paperless property operations

One-touch workflows automatically send documents to the right location or person for approval. Automate document capture and on-boarding into your robust document management system. For too long the office MFP has been relegated to basic functions: copy, fax, print. What if you could enable your MFP to become a useful resource for your property? What if it became the central location that connected multiple properties and corporate, and allowed for easy document and package sharing of important information to your service providers and vendors? The Multifunction Printer has the ability to enable your property with a kiosk for Multifactor Productivity! With preconfigured workflows, you can send documents to the right person or department for review and approvals with one click. You can easily access your entire library of document content on the MFP to print any document you may need as hardcopy. You can even sign in to your MFP to access your records and your preconfigured workflows.

Your Property Office is Now Open 24/7

Print floor plans, activity calendars, and property brochures upon request from your built-in MFP library, access documents scanned to property office by residents, let residents view and print their monthly statement or lease contract, allow one-touch secure capture and sharing of documents to Corporate or service providers. Print anything from your smartphone or tablet wirelessly. Send notices and document packages to residents or other associates via email.

Accelerate Your Property Workflows with the LaserJet Flow MFP Series

These high-performance, intuitive desktop MFPs feature a large touchscreen and full-size pull-out keyboard for easy task execution along with enterprise-class manageability, security features, and solution extensibility. Let SyndicIT configure automatic workflows for your property based on existing business practices that will allow you local staff to log in to the printer, see common tasks attributed to them, and perform advanced workflow procedures with one-click ease!

If your leasing agent has an invoice from a landscaper, simply scan and send to A/P. If you receive a new lease, simply scan to the property manager's email inbox for review and approval. The possibilities of workflow functionality are endless, and your property will be enabled to operate at the speed of light. No more shipping, faxing, mailing - simply scan and send!

You will get fast results from single-pass, two-sided scanning meaning that every page gets scanned no matter what. You can see an image preview to edit, insert, and delete scanned pages on-screen and automatically transfer scans into editable text, using built-in OCR meaning that all of your business information instantly becomes searchable! You can easily enter data on a large, pull-out keyboard to ensure your records are completely up-to-date and you are capturing all of the necessary information.

The possibilities of the Flow MFP at your property are endless. Enable one-touch workflows to connect your entire portfolio. Access your built-in Flow CM library to easily print property brochures, floor plans, and guest cards upon request. Let residents log in to view their lease documents and monthly bill statements. Let residents scan required forms back to your property office without you being open. Use the Flow MFP to send packages of required information to service providers for collections, evictions, billing, lending, or investing. It is the tool you need to make your property operate at the speed of light!

Game Changing Speed

Thrive with a new standard in property productivity. The world's fastest desktop printers deliver twice the speed and half the cost as laser. With record-breaking fast printing speeds your property can print up to 70 pages per minute, meaning that new lease package just printed in 20 seconds and your new resident is already walking out the door with their copy. Plus, with built-in connectivity to HP Flow CM Professional, you can also easily make sure they have a copy waiting in their email for future reference. With SyndicIT, we can pre-configure 'quick set' workflows that automate the routing of documents to the right person for review and approval. HP Officejet Pro X Series Printers meet Energy Star guidelines and offer users a low ope


What if I have existing equipment?

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