White Paper Library

Dedicated to advancing the technology curve in multifamily IT, SyndicIT Services has prepared an extensive white paper library for customer education, engagement, and planning.

Multifamily Goes Paperless

Securing the Competitive and Financial Advantages of Digital Document Management and Workflow Processing in the Multifamily Industry.

The SyndicIT Difference

SyndicIT document management solutions are uniquely designed to be a single document management system that can be applied and customized to meet the needs of any internal department within your portfolio management organization.

How Can Syndi Improve your Property's Operations

One, Simple, Fully-Customizable Solution to Streamline and Protect Your Most Important Business Documents. Already proven successful by top banks, HR organizations, insurance companies, and businesses all across the United States, SyndicIT Services is proud to bring the most powerful digital document management systems and workflow processing tools to the multifamily and commercial real estate industries.

How to Go Paperless

Understand the advantages of 'Digital Operations'. Take a glance around your property office today. You will see computers, scanning equipment, filing cabinets, and stacks of paper cluttering your staff's desk waiting to be processed. The following addresses common questions from clients encountered while they are trying to make the decision to go paperless.